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Life Is Only As Good As You Make It

 Life Is Only As Good As You Make It 

I read an anecdote about a Zen priest who was 105 years of age. He had never at any point seen a TV, not to mention a TV program. When inquired as to whether he got exhausted, he answered that he had his sutras (sacred writing) to peruse, his nursery and his reflection. He broke into a wide, innocuous smile by then. Satisfaction flickered from his eyes. 

"Other than," he stated, "the moon considers the lake consistently." as such, he was rarely exhausted. He was content with what he had and what his identity was. 

Would you be able to state the equivalent for yourself? I ask this not to reprimand you or to be a wise guy. I solicit it out from concern and empathy for you. Would you be able to state you have capitalized on your life? 

I don't mean all the assets you have aggregated. Nothing amiss with assets as such. I don't mean all the honors you have accumulated. Nothing amiss with grants. 

I mean does satisfaction gleam from your eyes? It is safe to say that you are content with what your identity is and what you do? Have you capitalized on your life? 

Life is the thing that you make it, and just what you make it. 

The Zen priest might have decided to stare at the TV. Nothing amiss with viewing. He might have decided to live in the rushing about of the physical world. Rather he discovered all he required out of life rehearsing Zen in a detached cloister. 

He capitalized on his life. He was cheerful in it. He was as yet capable and ready to work in his nursery and cook the beans he brought up in it to serve to guests to the religious community. 

You and just you make your life. Indeed, we don't control all that comes into our lives. We do control some of it, nonetheless. You surely control how you will respond to what in particular occurs in your life. What's more, life is just in the same class as you make it. 

: You make life great by doing the accompanying

1. Acknowledge your life as it is at this moment. That doesn't mean you can't set an objective to have distinctive life in the following second. In any case, as long as you are living in some other second other than this one, you have not yet acknowledged your own life. 

2. Be content in your life at the present time. By and by I state this doesn't block your needing to change the following second. Yet, acknowledgment prompts satisfaction which on the off chance that you don't have it, you can't capitalize on your life. 

3. You should persistently put the positive preeminent in your life. One certain idea occasionally won't transform you. You should intentionally make a progression of energy through your life. 

4. Discover an establishing that will support you through for your entire life. The Zen priest found the sutras. On what do you discovered your life? I propose that you make a profound and standing association with the Universal Consciousness through contemplation. 

5. Be accommodating to all who enter your hover of impact. Despite the fact that you come along these lines (life) commonly through resurrection, it profits you to bargain in sympathy with each one of those you experience. You can possibly make your life more extravagant when you do. 

It is your life. You make of it what you will, regardless of what occurs on the planet outside your skin. Go, make its best. 

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